To Da Front with Mitch – 9/25/13

To Da Front – 9/25/13

    Rather than take a week off, we just had to go racing.  We scrambled to make an appearance at Seekonk Speedway, and came home 5th.

    On Board: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihZdqzvuc1w


Mitch sets up at Seekonk Speedway, Tracy Strohmier photo.

Mitch sets up at Seekonk Speedway, Tracy Strohmier photo.

   We showed up late after being stuck in some heavy traffic, missing all of practice.  Unlike standard races we attend, this rule package heavily restricted setup adjustments.  So with only one race under our belts at Seekonk, with a set of miscellaneous tires from our sponsor Andover Auto Parts, we ran the heat race with our base from last year. Starting scratch, we crossed the line 5th.

    Now the car wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either.  After borrowing a couple tires from Chuck McDonald, and a few pressure changes, it was time to roll out for the feature.  Starting 10th in the 19 car field, we did most of our passing from the outside.  After running down the competition and getting into a top spot, their fast guys had caught up and flew by us as well.  20 impressive green flag laps, and we came home with a top 5.

    Up next:  NEMST and Roadrunner double header at Star Speedway Saturday, and if all goes well we’ll be at Hudson Speedway on Sunday for possibly the final time in 2013.

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    Mitch Bombard, driver of the #10CT X-Car, Enduro, and 97CT NEMST Car,  is the writer of the weekly recaps, and expresses the views of his own from his viewpoint behind the wheel, and after watching video (if available).


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