To Da Front with Mitch – 9/12/13

To Da Front – 9/12/13

    Unfortunately our Wacky Wednesday finale didn’t go all to smooth.  With pure determination to finish the race, and some help by some great people, we crossed the line 22nd at the checkers.

    Former X-Car driver Jeremy Bourbeau shook down the car for round 1 of practice while I was in commute from Manchester.  He had described a similar feeling as to one I had 2 weeks previous this night.  With a couple alterations, I took it out and ran the fastest laps the car had turned in about a month, but the car was still free.  Slated to drive the car in the Mechanics race was my dad Terry, and in the Officials race was supposed to be other former driver, Mark Caise.

    For the feature we made a couple more changes that in theory should have tightened the car up enough to be near perfect, and that it was.  For the 2 laps of green flag laps we got the car had turned great.  Stuck behind some slower cars, we couldn’t make forward progress from our 8th starting spot.  The holes on the outside seemed to close up, and as we came across the line we had seen 4 wide at our nose.  Carefully keeping off the cars in front, 4 wide didn’t work in turn 1 for a number of reasons and we had gotten slammed in the rear passenger door by the 55.  This had turned us into traffic where the 88 with nowhere to go destroyed the left rear.

    Limping back to the pits on 3 wheels, we quickly got to work on repairs to make it out and finish the race, because if a DNF can be avoided, I’m willing to do anything it takes to get the car fixed.  Huge thanks to both Ron Evans and Dennis Perry for beating and banging the spindle as straight as it would go, and for the repairs necessary to make it whole again.

    We made it back out with 12 laps to go, our RR camber was knocked in to about 10 degrees, our LR was toed out about 4 inches, needless to say, we couldn’t go straight too well.  But limping along, we finished 10 of those laps picking up a few more spots and finished 22nd.

    Once again, a huge thanks to Ron Evans and Dennis Perry for getting me back out there. Thanks to pops for doing all the parts runs we needed all season long, and also a huge thanks to the Garside family and Rich Magnan for all their assistance throughout the year.  Also to the Waterford Speedbowl for putting on some fair, fun racing.  We finished 4th in points, being as high as first, and I can’t emphasize enough how special that is only being our second year.

    Up next:  We hope to have the car fixed for a double header this weekend at both Waterford with pops and at Hudson with myself.  But as of now it looks like we’ll be bringing the Enduro car to Hudson on 9/15.

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    Mitch Bombard, driver of the #10CT X-Car, Enduro, and 97CT NEMST Car,  is the writer of the weekly recaps, and expresses the views of his own from his viewpoint behind the wheel, and after watching video (if available).


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