To Da Front with Mitch – 7/18/13

To Da Front – 7/18/13

    This week in racing, we continue to struggle to reign in the handling on the car with our new power plant.

    Last Friday at the Belltown Tire Little Guys 200, we had an awful tire problem all day long.  We’d fix one issue, and another would occur.  We got most of the situation alleviated for the heat race, and were starting to fine tune the setup.  We rolled out running 4th, came in to pit under caution, and quickly charged up back to 4th to the finish.  In the 50 lap feature event, we started the race 3rd, at some point in the first 10 laps we found the lead for one lap, and then shuffled back to 5th place eventually over the course of the run after an intense battle with the 03.  With about 5 laps to go, a terrible vibration started in the front end, and to save the car from any potential harm I backed off the throttle to see the finish in 5th place.


Mitch's first run in the Maskell owned #21 Super X-Car, photo by Chris Garside

Mitch’s first run in the Maskell owned #21 Super X-Car, photo by Chris Garside

  Last night we pulled double duty, running first the Maskell Owned #21 Super X-Car, then the X-Car race immediately after.  I have to say, as expected rear wheel drive V8 is a whole other animal from the FWD Saturn I know and love.  After the first handful of laps getting acclimated to the car again, and some lengthy cautions, we had a long run and really started to get a feel for the car.  We made a pass early on and kept the car straight.  With maybe 5 to go I tried making bids on the car in front of me, but still unsure how the car was going to react, I didn’t want to risk anything.  We crossed the line 12th, and it was a blast to run.  We very much appreciate the opportunity to run the car.

    Jumping out of the Super X and into the X-Car was like jumping in an ice box, and it was welcomed.  Starting 12th with 2 brand new right sides, we were a little worried about the night before us.  Well frankly the start wasn’t that bad, and traffic did play a huge part in the outcome.  After being up to 3rd at one point, the handling had been off once again and we had to settle in for a 7th place finish.

    And on a little side note, I’d like to thank all my family, friends and fans that have been showing up at the track.  The support means a lot and it’s amazing to see the turnout we’ve been getting this year.

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    Mitch Bombard, driver of the #10CT X-Car and the #97CT NEMST car,  is the writer of the weekly recaps, and expresses the views of his own from his viewpoint behind the wheel, and after watching video (if available).


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