To Da Front with Mitch – 5/22/14

To Da Front – 5/1/14

    The last two events for us showed a 7th place finish at Waterford, and a 10th place finish at Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Vermont.

Waterford On-Board 5/14/14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKl-ryoxem8

Devil’s Bowl On-Board 5/18/14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ulh0l3LNRc

There was a little work to be done last Wednesday as new trailer problems played a part in ripping our exhaust system apart. Oops.  We had to miss the first round of practice to get it done, but we got it.  Car felt faster than the week prior in the second round so we were pretty happy about that.  In another caution free event, we finished 7th, 1 lap down.

Pete Pollard took our X-Car out for the Musical Cars Wacky Race and was eliminated in an early round.

Sunday comes around and it’s time to spend the day up north for Devil’s Bowl Speedways

Taking laps in the feature at Devils Bowl (VT). MemorEvent Photo 5/18/2014

Taking laps in the feature at Devils Bowl (VT).
MemorEvent Photo 5/18/2014

rescheduled opener.  Their division is a stock Single Cam motor only division, making us above the rules.  But we were allowed to run under handicap to promote better competition.  Well it worked, sorta.  In practice we were just a tick faster than their fastest but were slowed down for heat race competition.  After putting the changes into place as per their tech inspector, we became a back marker.

We started the feature 14th of 18, and ended up 10th after surviving what seemed to be a marathon of a 15 lap race.  The first portion ran off well, until a mustang in front of us started spewing oil and wasn’t black flagged.  So when the motor let go, guess where we went.  Yup, right in his oil.  Few cautions later we finally make it to the last leg of the race, pushing it the whole way to do the best we can.  For the first time there, we got some good notes for the tour race in September.

The facility was beautiful and the staff was really friendly.  I suggest any locals to support that track as well as any other they may live near.

Up next:  Packed Memorial Day Weekend for us.  Saturday we’ll be racing X-Cars for $12 General Admission at Waterford, Sunday we’ll be going up to Hudson Speedway to run Roadrunners.  We’ll also shoot back down the highway to Waterford that night to compete in their Enduros for Memorial Day Madness.  Monday we’ll head back to Hudson to compete in both their Roadrunners and Enduro races.

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    Mitch Bombard, driver of the #10CT X-Car, Enduro, and 97CT NEMST Car,  is the writer of the weekly recaps, and expresses the views of his own from his viewpoint behind the wheel, and after watching video (if available).


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