To Da Front with Mitch 4/6/13

To Da Front – 4/6/13

     Welcome to the 2013 racing season as the first green flag was dropped in CT over the weekend!  


The XCar at Thompson Practice on 3/30/13. Photo Taken by Mitch Bombard

The XCar at Thompson Practice on 3/30/13.
Photo Taken by Mitch Bombard

On March 30th, Mitch took the X-Car out at Thompson Speedway for open practice, and the team gained some valuable notes for when we return there with the new car in August.

     After a week of hard work following the practice session, we got the car prepared for opening day competition and showed up for the last round of practice on Saturday the 6th.  Mitch practiced the car and gave it the seal of approval after driving a set of laps as fast as last year, if not faster. After coming in the pits, we noticed the RF was going down so we quickly worked to fix the issue before the feature that was to come 6 hours later.

     Mitch’s father, Terry, is the driver for the #10 car on Saturday point awarding X-Car races, (this clears up why the car was going slower than usual).  We started the race 6th from luck of the draw and calamity started as soon as he made it into the turn.  On cool tires, he drove in too hot and looped it in T1.  After saving it he spun it again with the field coming right at his nose.  A check of the pants later and he was back on his way.

     The race continued with a long run and the car pushing up the track more and more each lap.  When the race had a caution around lap 10, we noticed the RF tire was once again going flat.  After attempting to wave him in with no success, we held our tongues and hoped and prayed the tire wouldn’t let go while he was going.  Several more cautions around 2 to go and he got black flagged under yellow, we assume the track saw the flat.  So he went into the infield where he got trapped.  What saved us was the quick yellow to immediately follow the drop of the green.

     He comes driving into the pits with his helmet off, and while Mitch jacked the car up, and Brandon swapped the tire, we told him to throw the helmet back on, because he was going to finish the race.  And that was what happened.  Approximately 2 laps down, Terry ran his fastest lap (20.1) on a Walmart tire to finish 16th of 21.

     This coming week, Mitch will be running the X-Car in the NEMST opener at Lee USA Speedway.  The tour car that is currently being built by Jett Fabrication won’t have the motor ready from Larry’s Automotive.  The Saturn is giving us all a hard time when it comes to Mini Stock competition.  Hopefully the #97 will be ready for the Stafford race, if not we will evaluate certain situations to take the green flag for the Spring Sizzler.

     For 2013, our primary goal once again will be to finish every race entered.  No matter how many laps down, no matter what happens, we want to drive under the checkered flag every race.  Secondary goals are to take a victory at Waterford Speedbowl, podium at the Hudson Speedway, and finish in the top half of the field on the Mini Stock Tour.

     Lastly for this edition of To Da Front, I’d like to thank our 2013 sponsors.


Both Cars: -Jett Fabrication

                    -Andover Used Auto Parts

                   -Z Best Pizza

X-Car:    -Connor Dotay Music

               -Lucky Strike Lanes

               -VFW Post 1724, Willimantic

               -Biggins Auto Repair

NEMST: -Thirty Marketing

    Mitch Bombard, driver of the #10CT X-Car and the #97CT NEMST car,  is the writer of the weekly recaps, and expresses the views of his own from his viewpoint behind the wheel, and after watching video (if available).


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