To Da Front with Mitch – 11/28/12

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    Our Wall Speedway experience was definitely something we’ll never forget, for we picked up our very first career win in dominating fashion.

    We left home at 2:30am to head to the track for 6:30, and we were on time.  Everything went smoothly in the morning if you ignore the nasty fog we started the day with. Oh, and the wet track conditions we had to practice on.  But the car felt perfect; better than it had all season long.

    We drew a number close to the front and we ended up starting third, highest of all Waterford drivers who showed up.  We were joined with the 07 of Pete Zaikarite, the 54 of Melissa Clavette, and the 01 and 4 of Chuck McDonald and Frank Shepard.

    While they were stuck fighting traffic and their own cars, I had a quick shot to an early lead, and from there I led 39 of the 40 laps in that race lapping all but the top 3.

    In post-race tech, they gave me a hard time about several Waterford legal things on the car.  Hard enough to the point where they disqualified me, saying I needed to adhere to their rule book.  Well, in conversations with their race director prior to that night, he said I could run the X-Car as is.  We protested the DQ at the track office showing them the conversation I had with the race director, and they awarded the win to me.  That stirred the pot amongst the locals and they didn’t like it one bit.

    That night while loading up, the driver of the 27a decided to get violent, yell, and scream about how we’re “cheaters.”  He followed that up with a couple airborne rocks that landed at our feet.  Less aggressively, we heard rumors of how the locals were going to take us out of the race, and how the race sponsor was going to pull the purse if they didn’t handicap us somehow.   That Saturday we had a meeting with the promoters, the Wall 4-Cylinder champion Brien Crosby, and their tech inspector.  We learned a couple things about their division in relation to New Jersey state law.  We also learned that the rock thrower wasn’t even a local.  We came to an agreement to throw 100lbs in the cars of me and the 07, as well as keeping an eye on intentional incidents.  The only thing that happened from that meeting was the weight.

    Sunday I drew near last, and Pete drew outside pole (where he went on to finish 2nd, only missing out on the win due to lapped traffic).  Before lining up, we had issues with the fuel pump, it wasn’t running.  A quick dive in the car to check the wiring, and the switch was loose, so we fixed it up quick and lined up last in the 31 car field.  While picking my way through, I saw cars knocking each other out of the way, intentionally spinning people, it was madness.  Now I saw what the others had to deal with on Friday.  We were picking our way through when the 03 of Scott Dunn, relative of the sponsor of the race, just happened to slide up in the turn above the white line and send me up into the wall.

    After a quick pit stop to change both left side tires, thanks to Frank for lending his I might add, and taping up the door panel, I went back out there to once again pick my way through.  With about 30 laps to go, we had a restart where we were 12th, 2 laps down.  The first lapped car got scraped by the last car on the lead lap, and in retaliation the lapped car sent him sideways in the turn, collecting the 10 in all its glory, busting my fuel pump, and ending my night.  We ended up officially in 23rd place.

    I have to throw thanks out though, to the 69 and the 32.  There may have been more, but I’m glad you guys raced me clean.

    I also have to thank Brandon and my Dad for coming to the track with me; I hope the win was a good birthday present.  You guys did a lot for me not only at Wall, but all season long.  I also have to thank Chuck, Gino, Frank, Mike, Melissa, Pete and Tim for all the help over the weekend.  It was nice being able to band together like that, it shows how great the crew at Waterford really is.

    Our plans now is to fix the 10, make it happy and pretty again.  We’ve also got a car to strip parts out of, and work on poo2 will begin.  Season opener will most likely be Waterford Blastoff, but could possibly be the NEMST race at Lee, schedules aren’t official as of yet.

    And last but not least, I’d like to thank the fans for their support of the unknown random brown Saturn.  Who knew I’d have a year this great?  Big thanks to Overdrive-Radio.com for having me as a blogger and having me on their show from 11/24/12.

    Please visit teamkraut.com/raceteam for all racing information such as our stats, our personal schedule, and our sponsors.

2012 Sponsors: Horizons, Amsoil, Andover Auto Parts, Biggins’ Auto Repair, Connor Dotay Music, EMS Training Programs, Jett Fabrication, Lucky Strike Lanes, Thirty Marketing, VFW Post 1724, Z Best Pizza

    Mitch Bombard, driver of the #10CT X-Car  is the writer of the weekly recaps, and expresses the views of his own from his viewpoint behind the wheel, and after watching video (if available).


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