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Hope all is well at this special time of year with the friends and families of those who enjoy our sport of auto racing as our race teams get some well deserved time off after a long but great season of competition. The tracks in our area put up some of the best weekly racing in the nation and all looks good going into 2013 as tracks begin to put out new race season schedules. One would have to hope that Thompson gets things worked out for the 2013 weekly racing series and it will be interesting to see what happens at the big 5/8ths mile track this year. They have struggled with car counts mostly with the SK and LM divisions the past couple of seasons and that has hurt both the front and back gates,at least I would think, so perhaps a plan to run more special events is in the future, or shuffle the divisions so that when those low car count divisions run it is a bigger deal with more laps. At one time over 3,000 short tracks were in action across the nation and now less than 900 remain, let’s hope Thompson gets thru this and we still have a great place to go and enjoy right here in our own backyard. I still believe all three tracks should be close or the same when it comes to rules with only minor adjustments needed to compete on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights and it would be cool to see a “tri- track type series” with end of season” triple crown big races “for at least the SK division…seems like it would help car counts and the fan base. Stafford had a good 2012 season and 2013 should be even better with events from the Spring Sizzler to the big Fall Finale, and it is good to see the NEMST Mini Stocks racing at the ½ mile in 2013, should be some Speed bowl cars in action for that one. Those mini stocks put on a show wherever they go. NASCAR has put out the NWMT schedule that looks like 14 races for 2013 with the Speed bowl getting a date for June 22nd. That NWMT 161 lap race last year was for sure a highlight for me and the crowd was awesome. Doug Coby was your national champion and the winner of our tour race and boy what a year he had racing against the nation’s best tour drivers. The NWMT southern tour is also back with racing in mid March in North Carolina. Should be cool to see how the” Battle @ The Beach“ goes during speed weeks for the NWMT, K&N series and late models in action with this being the first year for the new back- stretch track at Daytona. Don’t forget the “Dunk” in Providence is hosting the Coffee Cup Classic on New Year’s eve with the wild winged TQ midgets and Karts racing one night only. The cars fly around that hockey rink (minus the ice).The Bud Blast Off at the Speed bowl is in early April and the VMRS tour modified cars will be back along with 63 laps for the SK ‘s. The 2013 Speed bowl schedule will be out soon and before long its back to racing at the bowl!! Check out our racing radio show with Matt, Dave and Mark Saturday’s @ 3PM on 94.9.Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year…. John Gates.


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