#10CT X-Car Recap – 10/7/12

Post-Season Recap #1 – 10/5 – 10/6

    We had a long but positive weekend in the #10 camp, full of action packed racing; a perfect way to end the season at Waterford.
    We worked late into Thursday night trying to prepare the car for Friday at Seekonk.  Problem after problem kept occurring, but we were at the point of no return while changing the setup over from the full-fledged race setup, to the strict painful Seekonk rule book.  Friday morning came, and after some extra little changes that shouldn’t have been, we got the car loaded and I hauled off to Seekonk alone for the daytime practice.
    The Waterford contingent made up 1/4th of the field for the DAV Fall Classic, as I joined the crowd of #01, 4, 44, and 89.  I struggled all day at practice to get the car to feel right, and with limited camber, that was not an easy task.  After some tips from the 01, it felt a ton better than what I was dealing with during the day.  But I was also turning the wheel harder than I was because that was the way around the circular, one grooved, track.  We started 12th in the field of 17, and after several restarts and hard wrecks, we managed to pass a car or two, while holding off some other drivers, and held on for a 6th place finish.  Big thanks to Andover Auto Parts for the tires needed to run there; it was a good experience, a great facility, and extra exposure for our sponsors.
    Saturday morning we woke up before the sun to put the setup back into the car for Waterford.  After I brought the car to the track, unloaded, had some manual labor help from Dan and Glen to get my tour tires mounted, signed in, and rushed to suit up for the first round of practice.  It was a beautiful day and the car felt pretty good.  We had an eventful heat race where I finished 4th in an exciting last lap where I think at one point we were four-wide.  And in the North East Mini Stock Tour heat race we failed to qualify, and got beat to the line in the consi to finish 8th when there were only 6 transfer spots making me the second alternate.  Long story short, 2 cars dropped out, and we were in.
    The X-Car feature was exciting, after the first 8 laps that included 2 cautions, we started outside of the #4 with 12 to go, and for those 12 laps, we raced side by side for the 6th place position.  Some laps he had the advantage, some mine, but it was two groove racing at its finest, and we came out on top with the 6th place finish.
    The caution plagued Jett Fabrication 50 for the NEMST started 30 Mini Stocks of New England, Thompson, Waterford, and even a handful of X-Cars made the field.  We started scratch on the field and narrowly avoided several hard, and large, accidents.  When it was all said and done, we were 2 laps down, we were the only X-Car to finish, and we beat the #22 on track.  For experimenting on the Hoosier tires, it wasn’t that bad of a run, and we thank Bob for bringing the tour around.
    A trip to Hudson is being looked into for the 14th, but confirmed on our schedule is Oktoberfest at Lee, and the Turkey Derby at Wall.
    Mitch Bombard, driver of the #10CT X-Car  is the writer of the weekly recaps, and expresses the views of his own from his viewpoint behind the wheel, and after watching video (if available).


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